Tuesday, March 07, 2006


well the time came at last. as i write the movers r snatching away all my favorite toys and putting them on a truck. never to see them again. i cant believe its finally hapeneijng. how can i say good bye to a place that ivbe lived in 4 eleven yrs. and pretty soon im gonna get old and be robed of al my memories. this is very sad and so i cant write anymore. hopfully my head will clear upm later and then ill be able to write more about this infamous day of my life. never to be 4gotten.

Friday, January 20, 2006


well today was probablly the hardest midterm ill ever have. chem is a killer. my teacher wanted me to write the names of diff compounds by their oxidation states and combinations. it was not a funny situation. actually it was my whole class was sitting there failing so we were all laughing and that it was pretty amusing that my teacher was soo bad at teaching that the whole class had no clue what to do. the cutest part of the test was my teacher drew a comic with a bunch of girl atoms in a classroom and then on the other side of the door there where a bunch of boy atoms and the caption said " what is so attracting??" i thought that was pretty funny but at the time i didnt get it. i didnt realize some were boys and some were girls and even then it was funny.
everyone have a gr8 shabbos

Monday, January 16, 2006


Midterm season is finally here! for the next two weeks i dont have any skool. i just have to go for an hour and a half to take a midterm and the im freee. my sis hates this cuz she makes herself crazy studying for everything but u wanna know my opinion. DONT make urself craz. its only a test. so today i had navi and i have never known one of her tests b4 and today i think i knew it. i even told her and she seemed very impressed. maybe there is hope for me AFTER ALL. there was one thing i didnt know but i just did eeni minie mo and i got the answer. anywayz tomorrow i have english which is on grammer, litertaure and voicabulary so i gotta go hit the books.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

here is ur response shu

k so shu tagged me so here it goes:

four jobs ive had:
official blonde
professional shopper

four places ive lived:
cedarhurst (almost)

four of my favorite foods:
ice cream
yo crunch

four books i would read over and over:
well i dont really read so ill have to pass on this one.
oh actually i would read my navi notes over and over b4 a test

four movies i would see over and over:
pirates of the carribean
a walk to remember
the notebook
oceans twelve

four places ive been on vacation:

four places i would rather be:
my bed

four tv shows i watch:
one tree hill
gilmore girls
american princess
room raiders

four websites i visit daily:

well the zacks all blogged each other and my friends claim that pple wit blogs have no life so i dont tag anyone!!!

Sunday, January 08, 2006

midlife crisis

hey everyone, im so freakin bored. yknow what the problem wit having n awesome party is. when its over ure back to being bored as could be with notin at all to do. for all of those who didnt know my birthday was last week. it was completely awesome. my friends surprised me and took me out for dinner and then we went to times square and partied till like12:00 it was completely awesome. i would share the whole story but im back to that mood of like blah where you dont want to do anything including studying for my math test i have tomorrow. i think im going thru a middle age depression but im not sure cuz im not really middle aged. well my math test is still tomorrow so i guess i should study

Saturday, December 31, 2005

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Sunday, December 25, 2005


wow. i have not posted since october thats like a century ago so ill just have to catch you up since then. my life is never boring which would mean that this might urn out to be a pretty long blog, sorry. well first i was in my skool play 2 weeks ago. i was in an FBI dance it was awesome. we did it to the sound track from james bond it was really cool. well now that i think about it thats like the only exciting thing i can remember. this past summer i made awesome friends in camp and they missed me soo much that they are coming into visit!! i have 2 friends from chicago coming in thursday and then i am having a totally cool bunk reunion new years eve!! my whole bunk is sleeping over and its gonna be awesome. well other than that nothing much is going on and i cant write soo much so ill try to post a lil more frequently with a lil more detail. oh also today i had my camp reunion. it was awesome. i saw all my friends from camp except my bunk cuz they are all from out of town and are coming next week. well dats all for now.
Happy Chanukah